This FAQ will be added to as the time goes by.


When is it / what do I need to do?
All details are on the Logistics and pricing page.

The larp lasts for the entire weekend, will there be specific time for sleeping? Lunch breaks? What if I have to do something urgently?

The time will be full in-character, but of course - your characters also need to sleep, eat and drink. Being exhausted, hungry or dehydrated is not fun for anyone. So please take care of yourselves and your fellow co-players.

Do I need to study the setting beforehand?

No. Everything will be explained and available in time. There will be a few characters which will be easier to play if you played one of the previous larps or read a novel, but this is not a requirement.


What's the weather like in Zagreb at that time of year?

It could be relatively warm, chill, dry or wet. Extreme colds and snow are extremely rare at that part of the year. It's best to check for forecast earlier.

How do we get around Zagreb?

Zagreb is a very walkable city, with public transport that is cheap and mostly reliable - if not overly fast. In addition, some players might have their cars available. But this will not be necessary for the play itself.

How do I get internet access in Zagreb?

Zagreb is covered by 4g. EU roaming is free since June 15, something that all operators should comply with... and should the budget allow it, several spots will have Wi-Fi coverage. If all else fails, Croatian SIM cards are cheap.

For players of previous Izgon larps

What's the timeline of Izgon: Ascendancy?

After Izgon 1.1 and Izgon: The Experiment, with some minor changes.

Is there a lack of secrecy here? I feel I'm getting some more info than I'm supposed to.

Yes, this is intentional. Previous larps in the series were organized with secrecy in mind. Izgon: Ascendancy will be way more transparent in that regard. This is intentional - you're encouraged to build your stories with your co-players.

Can I play my old character?

Yes, in a way - especially if you played Izgon 1.1 or Izgon: The Experiment. Spots for your faction might be limited. Let's talk about it?

Can I play a Melki character this time?

If you played a Melki character in any of the previous Izgon larps, yes. If not, then you'll need to find one and maybe try and talk them into it. Assuming there will be any... ;)

Previous larps were worldwide - I'd love to play, but seems this will be Zagreb only, and I live far away and can't afford to come.

If this is not an option for you, you're still invited to join the in-character groups, see the discussions and participate in them, and be a part of the world - without buying a ticket, and there will be things to do in your locations. Note: this is a special offer for former players outside of Croatia only - and you can bring friends to play with you. It would still be amazing if you could make it ;)

Can we expect the standard arsenal of spells and powers, or is it going to work out a bit differently now?

They will be pretty heavily reworked. The main goals behind reworking is to provide a similar flavor, but to be fun to do in a larp which is much shorter than it used to be. E.g. you won't collect mana from spots for weeks, but you'll be able to recharge your spent energy at the spot. Another goal is to make it easier to use and learn, and less ambiguous. Full system should be available by October.

Will it include all the species/factions from past games (Energy beings, Hunters, Prophets etc) + The new mortal magic-wielders?

Yes - all except a certain faction from Izgon 2 which shall not be mentioned here. However, these factions (plus former possessed humans) will not be your only factions. They will be your "origin" factions. On top of that, you'll be a member of one Guild and one Circle. These will be the new factions, representing public and private faces of a new mage society. Whatever your origin is, you'll be a member of one guild and one circle - very likely with members who don't share your origin. The main focus of this larp will be on humans, who will be a majority, but you can expect to see and experience all the previous elements too.

Is the game going to be dependent on internet connection? Not sure how the situation was in 1.1., but in 2, my "Izgon" account was overloaded with messages, and it was truly a struggle to handle all that.

Yes, but far less than previous larps. It will no longer be the main communication tool, and most interaction will happen face to face, with some stuff shared online. 1.1 was similar to 1, 2 was overload. Ascendancy will be shorter and more focused, and it will not have an e-mail spam as it will mainly not use e-mails. Being online will no longer be a requirement on this larp - although there will be opportunities and very cool stuff to do there.