Logistics and pricing

Izgon: Ascendancy will be played in Zagreb, Croatia on December 1st to 3rd. Friday afternoon will start with briefing, and the larp will end on Sunday at noon (Central European Time). The official language for this larp will be English. Making sure all the players understand you is more important than anything else. Izgon: Ascendancy will be organized on non-profit base. All the funds will go towards covering the costs of the larp.

Lodging, food and drinks will not be included in larp price, although there will be plenty of places near play areas. Feel free to ask on Facebook, some of the local players might be willing to help you out!

We will wear regular street clothes, no costumes. Cool props and details are welcome, however keep in mind that a part of the larp will be played in public areas, so keeping it low-key is recommended. Many parts of the larp will be played in private areas. It's heavily suggested that you have a smartphone, or some other form of internet access as there will be online communication.

The larp ticket will cost 150 kn. Payment in other currencies is possible as well, at the price of  €25 / £23 / $30 / 8000 Ft. Larp will be limited to 40 participants max.

Sign-up process and character preparation will consist of three phases. First phase will be the start of ticket sales, scheduled for mid-August. Ticket sales will close as soon as they're sold out. If not, please make your payment if possible by the end of September, as early payments will be important for budget planning.

Second phase will be the character generation, scheduled for November 1st. You will provide your choices, and characters will be created according to what you selected. After you created your characters, you'll be able to join Facebook groups for factions your character belongs to.

Third phase will be you and other players writing your common histories, stories and goals, truly making your characters personal. What you decide is up to you.