Imagine a world in which a more advanced race once walked the Earth, half-remembered in the myths and legends which got distorted as the time went by, as gods, heroes and other creatures of myth. Imagine magic not being a myth or superstition, but an integral part of human history. Imagine secretive societies, who kept truths from the rest of the humanity for purposes known only to them. And then, imagine what would happen if that magic suddenly came back. How would people react? And perhaps more worrying - what plans would the Old Ones have, wherever they are now? How alien would their goals be to the humanity - and people with newfound power?

This is the world of Izgon: Ascendancy, an urban fantasy city larp produced for the international audience in the English language, for players aged 18+. It is a spinoff of the Izgon larp series, which was recently novelized.

The characters you will play will not be ordinary humans - they will be in the middle of these events, and they will wield magical powers. Will they be the numerous cadre of new mages who just got their powers due to the return of magic - eager to learn what's going on? Will they be one of the old orders, who kept secrets for so long? Perhaps they will even be possessed by the spirits of the Old Ones themselves - or they used to be possessed, and the powers they once felt linger on? Which Guild will they join, displaying their world-view openly? Which Circle will they join, pursuing their dreams, desires and passions in secret? The truth about magic will soon be impossible to keep from the public eye, and perhaps the decisions which are to be made will shape the future of humanity.

Will you fight for what you believe is right - whether by diplomacy, trickery, magic or violence? Will you try to find a solution? If it comes to that, will you protect higher ideals, or your friends and loved ones? What price are you willing to pay for salvation? Or, perhaps you are meant for more. Perhaps you should be the one who calls the shots. Or perhaps there's a way to become something much more. Or not. Maybe you just want to party, reveling in your cool powers. All of these are valid - the way you want to play is up to you.

Izgon: Ascendancy awaits.

Izgon /ǐzɡon/ - exile; expulsion; banishment (Croatian)