Safety and design

Izgon: Ascendancy will be designed with collaborative principles in mind. Even though your characters might be bitter enemies, it's important to always keep in mind that while playing we're all responsible for the fun and safety of other participants.

And you're the reason for this larp. Your story, your experiences will be your own. Make it happen, and help your fellow co-players have fun and interesting scenes. On Izgon: Ascendancy, the primary principle is Players are more important than larps. We will use following principles and techniques to ensure that:
  • Content negotiation - if you want to do something that will make another player potentially uncomfortable, check with them first out-of-character if they're OK with it. Respect their decision, and do what's comfortable for all participants. There's no need to explain either the question or the answer.
  • OK check-in - if you're not sure whether the player is OK (even though their character might not be), make an OK sign. Thumbs up = yes. Thumbs down = no. Flat hand = not sure (treat it as no).
  • Tap out - de-escalate the situation.
  • Hand over eyes ("see no evil") - as above, or avoid the scene.
The purpose of these techniques is to increase both safety and trust in your co-players. These techniques will be covered on the workshop before the larp starts. For more information, read about them on Johanna Koljonen's blog, which is an excellent source for this.